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Spring Break Ideas

  • 7 min read

Spring Break Ideas

What spring break vibe are you going for in 2022? With just a few weeks to go, we wanted to put together our own “best of” list for everyone out there yet to finalize your plans! Lot of articles will go deep into specific cities to visit, so we are taking a different approach as we go high level to show 5 different moods with lots of broad ideas! Hopefully it helps you plan the perfect getaway this year!

If you just want to Chill Out

Very few vacations outside of spring break offer the no-strings-attached opportunity to hang out with your best friends. From cooking together, to games and late nights chatting, this type of spring break is less about the “where” and more about thewho! If you are looking for a great chill out spring break, here are 3 awesome tips:

  1. There is more water out there than the ocean. While hoards of people flock to the oceans for spring break, those who are a bit further away may have just as awesome of a time by a river, lake or bay. These water attractions don’t tend to see the demand in spring that they do in summer, so you may be able to snag a beautiful cabin, or cool condo for a bargain–all while being close to the water (if it’s warm enough to get in!).
  2. A staycation doesn’t mean staying home.Sometimes a change of scenery can be as simple as a rental or hotel room just a few miles away. If you are trying to stick to a budget, or just not in the mood for traveling far this year, use spring break to do all of the local things you and your friends “never” have time for. Visit smaller local attractions, dine at new restaurants you haven’t tried yet, and sign up for activities you normally can’t do during the school/ work week. This is also a great way to keep dollars flowing into your local economy!
  3. Book a private tour. If your group is a little bit larger, you may have the luxury of booking an experience JUST for you and your friends. From private tours, to chef-prepared meals, having a group of close friends may just prove to be a ticket to things that may be cost prohibitive for just a few. InCalifornia alone for example, private experiences range from wine tours in Sonoma, to off roading in Big Bear, and even whale watching in a glass bottomed boat! 

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If you want to Get Cultured

Having cultural experiences is one of the best parts about traveling. From new languages and foods, to historically relevant art, architecture, and music; you can’t go wrong immersing yourself in another culture! Here are 3 cool ideas on how to do so: 

  1. Explore less popular international destinations.If you are hoping to hop a flight abroad, you may find that tickets to popular destinations are getting pricy for the core March - June US student spring break and graduation travel season. However this doesn’t mean you can’t find a great destination! For example: thinking about going to Jamaica? Try Grenada or Trinidad and Tobago. Both places have quick flights, beautiful beaches, and plenty of interesting activities to do.
  2. Check the exchange rate.If you are open to going anywhere, why not a place where yourdollar will go the distance? Generally speaking, the US dollar is “stronger” than most currencies other than the British Pound or Euro. However, you don’t want to get stuck thinking that more currency always means more money! Be sure to check the current prices of everyday items like bread, a cup of coffee, milk, fuel, and of course hotel rooms to know what your total spend will truly look like.
  3. Visit a large international city in the US. If you can’t make it out of the country, places like NY, San Francisco, and Miami are home to dozens of international communities and neighborhoods. While Chinatown and Little Italy come to mind, if you look closely you should be able to find mutli-cultural pockets of stores, restaurants, and museums from all over the world. There are very few places in the world where you can be immersed in cultures from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East all in a single afternoon.

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If you want to Be Active

This one can be a bit trickier with a big group, but if you and your closest friends all share similar outdoor hobbies, it can be a great opportunity to go somewhere specifically known for your activity of choice. For example you and your posse can:

  1. Go on a cycling tour.If you all love to bike, there are tons of options out there for cycling enthusiasts–all different depending on whether you prefer to ride road, mountain, or a little bit of both! If you are interested in several days of road riding, be sure that spring weather will be manageable for you. If you are planning mountain biking, in addition to park trails, you can also look at visiting dedicated facilities with dirt and gravel race courses!
  2. Plan a one-way backpacking Trip.One of the cool parts of backpacking with a group is that it opens up the possibility to leave a car on either end of the trail! This means you won’t have to double back; so each day you will be able to enjoy new sights and sounds every day. Pro tip: make sure that both vehicles are stocked with emergency supplies (cell phones, extra food, water, etc.) in case someone has to go ahead, or double back to the start to help another member of the group!
  3. Go skiing/ snowboarding.This one isn’tthat unique, however a lot of people on the east coast or in the south don’t think of snow sports lasting well into April and May. As accommodation can be expensive, and crowds can be heavy, definitely take a look at off days in the middle of the week. You can also look to see if there are any local shuttles running from ski resorts to nearby towns so you don’t have to pay ski-in/ ski-out premiums.

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If you want to Do Good

Volunteering feels good, and often creates life long connections with not only the people you are helping, but also the people volunteering with you! Here are a few ways you can volunteer during spring break:

  1. Go with an organization.There are lots of great resources for people looking to go on an organized trip. From teaching English, to working with animals, and even providing medical relief, there are several great websites to help you hook up with the perfect group based on your volunteering interests. One note to think about is that even while you are giving your time, many of these groups do charge to help cover accommodation, meals, and general overhead of bringing in new helpers!
  2. Help local non-profits.If you are planning to stay close to home for spring break, see if any of your favorite local nonprofits need a hand! Chances are if other students are part of their normal volunteer force, they may be a bit short staffed during the peak spring break weeks as well. Think of it as a great way to get “in” to a recurring volunteer gig that is normally full!
  3. Organize your own do-good activity.Fortunately, in the era of text messages and social media, it doesn’t take much to gather your close friends for an impromptu get together for good! Whether it is picking up trash, helping an elderly neighbor with yard work, or collecting supplies for a family in need–you don’t have to overthink it! Pro tip: be sure you are following safety recommendations if you are near roadways, and stay on public property! 

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If you want Urban Action

Busy cities are said to have heartbeats. From the sights, sounds, and smells of having lots of people around, to the public transportation serving as literal arteries to different neighborhoods, there is always something to do, and you may not sleep much! Here are couple of cool ideas to take advantage of city life for spring break:

  1. Stay in a TRUE B&B. A vacation rental is not the same thing as traditional bed and breakfast; while the term may seem a bit dated, the experiences you can have will be nothing short of living like a local! The benefit of B&Bs is they can nest in some of the coolest neighborhoods, be inside of incredibly cool historic homes, and are often managed by passionate locals who are more than willing to share their insider’s perspective on the city you are visiting.
  2. Check the event calendars.Before you choose a city destination, keep in mind that everything from sporting events, to concerts, and even business conferences can drive up hotel prices and make it hard to get into places you want to visit. Most cities have active event calendars for the big stuff, but many also have smaller calendars for specific themes like the arts, comedy shows etc. If youwant to do some of these things, you can definitely search for acts or events you are interested in attending to stay close by.
  3. Rent 2-wheeled transportation.From bikes to scooters, taking two wheels around a city will get you a lot more miles packed into a single day. Bike share and scooter apps also give you the benefit of riding one way, and dropping off your vehicle until you are ready to head somewhere else. Feel the wind through your hair, breeze down bike lanes and greenways, and get from A to B in a flash. Parks? Done. Rides to the waterfront? Easy. Just watch out for pedestrians!

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